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Natural Wedding Posing Tips - Wedding Photography | Photo Spices

We know that the bride gets most of the attention on the big day, but it is important not to discount the groom. After all, there wouldn’t be a wedding without both of them, and the rules to posing the women do not always apply when posing the men. No matter what the wedding attire, the guys have spent time and money to look their best. Plus, one of the best ways to make the bride happy is to make her husband look good! Make sure your images capture how handsome they look with a few easy tips.

Focus On The Details

Focusing on details are just as important with both men and women. Just because they are men doesn’t mean you should be any less concerned with the details. Make sure they have their boutonnieres on and straight. Check that their jackets are lying appropriately. Remember that, often times, they may not wear suits or tuxes. Your signature style can aid you as you utilize the details from both their clothes and the environment. They will appreciate your trained eye to know they are looking their best. (The bride will appreciate it too!)

Remember to include shots of any interesting props that they might have included. Whether they are wearing sunglasses, pocket watches, cuff links, or crazy socks, these are details that were important enough to include and shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, these details can be used to your advantage when taking photos. Another important tip is to make sure to minimize any distractions or disturbances in these photos. Capture a stunning detail shot of his customized cuff links in front of a clean background with minimal distractions. Each detail can be used to complement the groomsmen by adding elements of uniqueness and diversity in each appearance. Your attention to these little things will mean a lot to the couple when they see your final product.

Let The Boys Be Boys

Remember that it is different than shooting the girls. Pick poses that will make the men look masculine, and keep them moving! Guys look great in action. Have poses that show the groomsmen engaged in conversation, or putting on an accessory like a watch, for example. Moving them around can keep them relaxed and natural. It is also beneficial to enlist the more outgoing guys to get everyone laughing. These guys can ensure that all the other groomsmen stay relaxed. When everyone is having a great time, laughter can become quite contagious.

The rule of keeping it candid is as just as ideal for the groomsmen. They know each other better than you know them, so there’s sure to be one guy who can draw out the natural smiles and laughter. Like the bridesmaids, the guys also have different personalities that deserve to shine through in these photos. Keep in mind that you’re capturing some of the most memorable moments in their lives. It’s important that your images showcase the fun they had taking photos with you.

Natural Wedding Posing Tips - Wedding Photography | Photo Spices

Make The Groom The Center of Attention

It is always important to make the groom the center of attention. Make the groom look good! Make it a point to focus on making him look his best. Whether they are standing still or walking, have the groom in the center of his groomsmen so your eyes are drawn to him. Using the groomsmen to accommodate him in the background is also very important. If he’s shorter, try having all of his groomsmen sitting around him. If he’s larger, try getting on that second story balcony and shooting downwards to thin him out. Always make sure to pose the groom in a way that makes him look amazing and the focal point of the images.

Natural Wedding Posing Tips - Wedding Photography | Photo Spices

Understanding how to make sure that the men look their best will help the day move smoothly and your shots come naturally. You do this all the time, and chances are, your couple does not. Don’t forget your signature style when bringing the most out of the groom in your photos. The soon-to-be newlyweds will look back at your photos and remember their experience with you as your uniqueness will cause them to relive one of the happiest days of their lives.

Most importantly, always remember to have fun and let your passion flow. Be the expert, and let your skills guide them into getting the best shots possible!

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