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A Much Easier Way to Draw

If you have ever had a really hard time making a layer mask or retouching someone’s skin, this cool tip will really help you.

This seems like a really silly tool, but it actually does make painting in Photoshop much easier. I know that when I draw on a normal piece of paper, I am always rotating it around to make my lines better and to make it more comfortable. This is basically the same thing.

We all have a natural motion that our hands move in, this is consistent whether you are using a mouse or a tablet. Trying to make well controlled strokes that go against that motion often results in failure.

Or you are like me, and twist your head and neck around every time you do something to the point of near injury.


I make it pretty obvious in this video that I don’t really know what this means. I know one of you brilliant Phamily members does though. Help us out!

Your Tricks

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