Thursday, April 26, 2018
Using Reflectors - Beginner’s Guide | Photo Spices

Using Reflectors – Beginner’s Guide

Photography is about more than just understanding how to work a camera. Understanding light, the way it spreads and bounces, is essential too. Some...
Standard 3-Point Lighting Technique | Photo Spices

Standard 3-Point Lighting Technique

The Three Point Lighting Technique is a standard method used in visual media such as video, film, still photography and computer-generated imagery. It is...

Quick Introduction To Direct Flash

While for years and years, many classic portraitists have preached the word of never using direct flash and instead to make the light as...
Tips for Evaluating Light for Your Photographs | Photo Spices

Tips For Evaluating Light For Your Photographs

We are dependant on light to make our photographs. So, it is important to learn to evaluate the quality of light that we have...
Basic Fundamentals Of Lighting - Beginner Guide | Photo Spices

Basic Fundamentals Of Lighting – Beginner Guide

When a photographer is just trying to get into lighting they don’t realize a heck of a lot. It can also be very tough–and...
Lighting Knowledge Importance | Photo Spices

Lighting Knowledge Importance

It’s a fact: technique outdoes the latest and greatest gear every time in a contest that can’t even be considered fair. When you combine...
What And How - Understanding Flash | Photo Spices

What And How – Understanding Flash

Marketing departments will tell you that their high ISOs are so good that you don’t need a flash. But that’s silly marketing speak–especially coming...
Understanding Basic Photography Lighting | Photo Spices

Understanding Basic Photography Lighting

Lighting is something that is incredibly important to photography. In fact, the meaning of photography colloquially means to paint with light. But before you...

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